AMP Marketing Group, LLC –  has been operating for nearly 10 years as a full-service marketing firm. Our re-engineered lead gen process is strategically designed to gain a competitive advantage, with less financial risk, and consistent results using our unique 3 step process:

  1. Planning Advantage
    • Gain the competitive advantage by engaging lead opportunities when they’re actively researching new or alternative solutions
    • Gain the financial advantage using our proprietary financial analysis model to quantify the expected results & reduce risk
  2. Connecting Value.
    • All leads are not created equal.  Our approach scores the value of a lead based on readiness to buy and estimated revenue value.
  3. Controlling Results.
    • Configuring and managing automation to accelerate leads through the pre-purchasing process, grow the qualified lead funnel over time, convert when ready to buy, to generate forecastable results.